Rick Perry gets cheered, amiably booed, on Jimmy Kimmel show.

Jimmy was doing the show in Austin, you see. It’s fascinating viewing; I get the impression that Austin and Rick Perry cheerfully despise each other in a very complicated way that lesser (read: non-Texan) beings can only hope to dimly understand. I mean, obviously Austin doesn’t like him, but they’re pleased as punch that he came by so as to let them boo him personally – and Governor Perry seems content to bask in their warm disapproval*.  It’s all very cozy.

Here’s the first clip:


I swear to God, I wish that he hadn’t had that back pain in 2012. Although he might be a better candidate for it in 2016: negative reinforcement can be a powerful teaching tool.

Moe Lane

*I have to say: Rick Perry’s stance of I think that all you hippies are clearly idiots for smoking the marijuana, but I’m tired of the Great State of Texas locking you up for it is… a workable way to approach the subject.