Remember: oral arguments Tuesday on the Hobby Lobby case.

I came perilously close to writing this post in a white-hot fury (for reasons only indirectly related to the case), but wrath is a counter-productive emotion in this particular situation.  Suffice it to say that the people that run Hobby Lobby are adamant that they not be required to pay for drugs that they consider to be abortifacients; and while I’m personally sorry if this bothers progressives I am equally adamant that progressives get it through their collective skulls that they are not the sole arbiters of morality in this country. They are not, in fact, even the primary arbiters; and for what I consider to be very good reasons.

Rant over.  Enjoy your Sunday morning.

6 thoughts on “Remember: oral arguments Tuesday on the Hobby Lobby case.”

  1. We(my wife) used to frequent Hobby Lobby a lot. But my wife got away from paper crafts and besides, the closest store is 40 miles away. They also don’t have electric carts for disabled people so when we go, I have to wheel my better half around in her wheel chair. Not that I don’t mind doing that, it’s just a PITA to unload the chair and put it back up.

    So glad she’s into quilting now and buys all her supplies by mail now.

  2. I honestly think that it’s better for people like me to make the arguments against pro-abortion people, someone like me can turn this from a women’s rights argument into a eugenics/genocide argument.

    I really wish we could find candidates whom were survivors of botched abortions (their mothers tried to have them done away with via abortions), that would turn the issue into a landmine for Democrats.

    1. A good idea, but look what the media has been doing to the woman who is a cancer patient that was victimized by Obamacare. She was called a liar, a shill for the Koch brothers and worse.
      Get someone who can speak as a survivor against one of the Democrat Party’s sacraments? They’d be torn to pieces within the hour. The trick is finding someone who would be willing to punch back even harder. 😀

      1. I can agree to that, however it wouldn’t surprise me if the attacks on that woman with cancer is actually angering a lot of people.

        Attacking a woman that is obviously suffering isn’t exactly a good move from a public relations standpoint.

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