How #Obamacare hurts battered wives.

Short version: Obamacare assumes that married people file jointly. The problem with that? “In May 2012, when the Internal Revenue Service proposed its rules for Americans to get government subsidies for health insurance, officials acknowledged that a legal quirk needed to be fixed: The Affordable Care Act was written in a way that inadvertently denied such help to some people who live apart from spouses who abuse them, are in prison or are on the cusp of a divorce.” I assume that I do not need to explain why that is bad, yes?  But, good news: it’s all fixed!

…Well, it’s going to be fixed soon.

…Well, somebody said – not for attribution – that the IRS is going to announce that it’s going to be fixed soon.


And they wonder why we fought tooth and nail to try to stop the government from taking control of the American healthcare system.

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PS: It also turns out that if you’re pregnant with twins, and you bring them both to term, you are guaranteed to cause Obamacare to freeze up and crash.  They haven’t really fixed that problem, either. But I wouldn’t assume that this is a demented population control plot by abortion fetishists, however: frankly, they’re not smart enough to do that on purpose.

PPS: Yes, they had two years to fix all of this.  So, why didn’t they? …Um.  Because it’s the federal government? We’re not talking about an institution with a great track record for speedy and competent implementation of domestic policy here, you know. Which was another reason why we fought tooth and nail, etc. etc. etc.

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  1. Another minor problem when someone receives SSDI they are automatically enrolled in Medicare try changing your insurance from a full plan to a Medicare plus plan. With all the people going on SSDI nowadays this could turn out to be a major headache. Especially since the exchanges are not set up to accept status changes at all.

  2. Heh,

    Now realize that whatever software they have backing this up will now be chugging along for probably the next fifty years. Just look at some of the ancient systems that are still processing data in various dark corners of the government.

  3. Dear liberal types,
    The next time you feel the need to sneer at our alleged lack of intelligence, I shall remind you that you people had three + years to get a website working and failed.

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