Tweet of the Day, …I Dunno. Maybe Vampires? edition.

Yeah, this is kind of weird.


I’m sure that there’s an angle/Photoshop explanation, though.  Or, sure, vampires. Everybody kind of wants it to be vampires, apparently.

Via @snarkandboobs.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …I Dunno. Maybe Vampires? edition.”

  1. My guess is the picture was photoshopped, though I suppose it could be camera angle.

      1. I’m leaning towards photoshop because some reflections should be visible that aren’t. Even if the guy were a vampire, the tablet should be visible, based on the camera angle.

  2. Looks like Kim’s taking the picture of Kanye taking a picture of her reflection in the mirror, Kanye’s reflection being blocked by Kanye. Hard to tell though too many mirrors in the room. It does say something about the ego problems of those in the picture though. Who takes a picture of someone’s reflection in mirror when the person’s right there?

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