Bruce Braley (D-CAND, IOWA Senate) cannot spell the words ‘detasseling’ and ‘baling.’

Admittedly, the first one I might have gotten wrong, too (even I freaking know the difference between ‘bailing’ and ‘baling’). But this has not been a good week for the future Democratic nominee:

The Braley campaign misspelled a couple of basic Iowa-farm-related words – detasseling and baling – in its press release defending the U.S. Senate candidate’s street cred with farms and farmers.

A sharp-eyed Des Moines Register editor noticed that the news release said: “Bruce grew up in rural Iowa and worked on Iowa farms, detassling corn and bailing hay.”

You have to wonder whether Iowa Democrats are wondering whether or not to just cut Braley off at the knees and push their resources into other races. If this keeps up, they may be well-advised to do just that.


Moe Lane

PS: There is some suggestion (H/T: @BrianFaughnan) that GOP Iowa Senate candidate Jo[n]i Ernst may have been behind the absolutely wonderfully-timed (if you’re a Republican) stink bomb that’s making Bruce Braley flail about so.  A Republican candidate who knows both how, and when to cut herself a Dem? Nah, I can’t see the base getting behind somebody like that.

PPS: Bruce Braley can, in fact, survive this. His big problem is that he’s increasingly being defined as being a doofus.

6 thoughts on “Bruce Braley (D-CAND, IOWA Senate) cannot spell the words ‘detasseling’ and ‘baling.’”

    1. and a lawyer to boot. Makes it all the more fun.
      Well, for us anyway.
      PS. Your PS has her as Jodi s/b Joni

  1. If I was Bruce Braley’s campaign manager, I tell Braley to take a vacation and to shut his mouth until the primary is over. That all campaign stuff be checked and double-checked before being sent out. And lastly, convince Braley to come out for “Loser Pay” only tort reform.
    I suggest this knowing full well that they will not read these comments.

  2. I detasseled as a girl in Indiana. I tried to find a day in the life video that wasn’t too long. There are several out there if you want to be glad you aren’t in a corn field.

    This is a short clip and doesn’t show the insanely early wake up time (for a teen) 5:30.. to make the bus, to get to the field before it gets too hot for humans. Which just means it is freaking COLD to start w/. It is itchy. Corn leaves can cut an unwary finger to the bone. Notice the kids here (sissies) are all wearing gloves. Back in the day we rode the machines barehanded!!

    You can watch other videos and note that a preponderance of the detasselers are female. That is just because the heavy upper body strength males were out bucking bales. Also itchy and even more insanely hot because they had to wait till it was DRY.

    For ANYONE that ever detasseled, or baled hay — and that would be a whole lot of Iowans — this man is toast.

  3. I’m an Ernst supporter here ( at least nominally) she just got a Palin endorsement and a bunch of free media from her “castration ad. She’s getting killed by Jacobs in the money game and that has allowed him to capitalize on Braley’s issues sooner.

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