You don’t often get to have headlines like this. …Thank God.

Well, this is… this is a thing that is a thing.

Harvard discovers three of its library books are bound in human flesh

…and Harvard does not want to know if they have any more.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I do not blame them for that.

Via AoSHQ.

6 thoughts on “You don’t often get to have headlines like this. …Thank God.”

    1. The topics the books deal with are: Roman poetry, French philosophy, and medieval Spanish law. According to the article this was actually a common practice with early textbooks concerning anatomy.

      I agree this is creepy and since Harvard was apparently established in 1636 ( ), it’s entirely possible that the administrators of Harvard at that time, knew the origins of the bindings used for those books.

      1. I’ve read too many books where the purported subject matter of the book was only tangentially related to what the book was actually about. That can especially be a big problem with books on poetry and and philosophy, never much cared for books on law so I can’t really say much about that.

  1. Two weeks before one or more of them is stolen.
    I’ll take the under.
    (I don’t blame them for not wanting to know if they have any more, but not for the same reasons.)

  2. They never should have agreed to take on the Miskatonic University’s library collection.

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