Back from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Short review: I quite enjoyed it, without being surprised at all throughout the film.  If I have a quibble, it’s that this was a movie where they should have at least mentioned where the heck the rest of the Avengers were: because Our Heroes and Heroine could have used them.

Oh, and one other quibble: I was able to maintain suspension of disbelief for most of the movie  – it’s a superhero flick, after all; you’re expected to run with things – but I couldn’t swallow ‘high-speed car chases in DC.’  Just. Not. Happening.

8 thoughts on “Back from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

  1. Actually saw it today myself. The Falcon was always a favorite of mine (Second only to Nightcrawler) and it was nice to see the Parajumpers get some recognition through him. 🙂

  2. If you had watched Thor 2 you would have already realized that the other Avengers are never mentioned in the inbetween movies.
    Same with Ironman 3.
    I should say I wasn’t that surprised, the trailers revealed too much I think, and Redford comes off as bad guy the minute he’s cast.
    And the whole “we’re doing this and that will help us do this everywhere…”
    the minute that was said ( fairly early in the movie) I thought “I’m sure this will come and bite everyone in the butt eventually”

      1. Which IRS ironic given that the NSA was a lot worse during Capitan America’s time.

      2. The committee hearing was incredibly stupid. It’s like the director had never watched Cspan before.

  3. There’s also far too few car during the big gun fight at the end of Act I. I mean for a fashionable part of DC (not the ghetto part), there’s no way the bad guys can amass that many cars without anyone noticing it.

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