#Obamacare kills 1,800 New Jersey kids’ healthcare policies.

Why? Oh, the usual reason: the federal government swooped in and slapped a bunch of extra requirements on an existing state-run program, thus automatically invalidating the current policies. As is typical in these cases, the parties involved were not able to work out how to get around the problem – kids don’t give money to Democrats, so there was of course no Obamacare exemption given in return – and so 1,800 kids have lost their coverage and the parents now have to scramble to keep their children insured.  Oh, and a special wrinkle: this program was for people who made too much money for Medicaid, but were still having trouble buying policies on their own.  That means that there’s going to be no subsidies for them, in this brave new healthcare world that has been inflicted upon us by the Democratic party.

But hey, remember: no child of a federal Democratic official was harmed by this policy – and New Jersey will probably not vote for the Republican candidate in 2016 – so from Barack Obama’s point of view there’s actually no problem. Guess those parents shouldn’t have deluded themselves into thinking that they were real, huh?


Moe Lane (crosspost)