Politico: Sean Eldridge (D CAND, NY-19) is hiding from… pretty much everybody.

There was a spot of bother about this Politico video – it appeared, went down, and is back up again – but everything is fine now and there will be pie. And it’s the best kind of pie. It may very well be DOOM pie for Sean Eldridge.

Basically, the video shows Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt describing how Sean Eldridge – the presumed Democratic candidate for NY-19 – has been essentially hiding from reporters and the district for the last several months (Eldridge is apparently also using his company to try to trade votes for jobs*). Which is frankly bizarre, particularly since Republican incumbent Chris Gibson was reportedly happy to talk to Isenstadt: as Politico notes, often it’s the other way around.

Then again, as the NRCC noted in passing here Sean Eldridge has a bit of a profile problem.  To wit, he’s this rich guy who wants to be in Congress, and so went shopping for an appropriate district.  Only problem is, he doesn’t actually know how to run for anything, and money will only take you so far when you’re trying to topple an incumbent in a general election. Eldridge would have been better off finding a D+6 district, toppling the incumbent in the primary, then trusting in inertia to get the win.

Oh, well, too late now.

Moe Lane

*It’s a very… feudal thing to do, don’t you think?