The Minnesota Senate race is an annoyance.

David Freddoso lays it out: Barack Obama has a 36% – thirty-six – approval rating and Al Franken’s own personal numbers are 46/42.  That’s the kind of combination that screams ‘vulnerable incumbent’ – but we just need a candidate.  And there’s still no clear sign of one in the wings.

I know, there are candidates.  But we need one of them to start shining. Today. And then we need the other candidates to get out of the way.

Sorry. Venting.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “The Minnesota Senate race is an annoyance.”

  1. Already remember that Minnesota is a three party state that has a long tradition of voter fraud and recount irregularities. Franken “won” in 2008 with 42% of the vote.

  2. Paging Tim Pawlenty. Tim Pawlenty, please get over your butthurt about not getting the veep slot and get back to work….
    Paging Norm Coleman. Norm Coleman, please pick up the destiny phone…
    I feel the same way about Illinois, only .. not quite as bad.

    1. There aren’t any incubators in IL for quality conservative candidates, so they mostly get rinos who are Combine approved or random cranks.

      Historically, the IL GOP has long had a corrupt streak and their 30+ year control of the Governor’s mansion (70’s, 80’s, 90’s) more or less allowed them to skip the Reagan revolution locally and remain hostile to small govt reforms.

      I remember George Ryan, as the GOP was swept out of power back in ’02 (was it?) blaming conservatives for all of his woes. As if there were any in positions of power and were somehow responsible. He went to jail a few years later…

      1. I live in California. If that initiative to break up California actually manages to get on the ballot, I’m voting for it …

        Yes, that would make live TV nigh on unwatchable every four years in fall, as South California would be a new large-ish swing state. But if it means not letting LA or SF have any say in what we’re doing in San Diego anymore, I’m all for it …

        1. Do the people of California deserve greater representation in the Senate and the Electoral College?

          1. The people of San Diego and farm country and real NorCal (the Bay Area actually being in the middle of the state) deserve some representation …

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