Boston Marathon hoax bomber: performance artist*.

As a matter of official policy I do not use this site or any other to advocate that people be taken out back and beaten with sticks until they are begging for the sweet, sweet release of unconsciousness.

The man arrested yesterday for planting two fake bombs near the Boston Marathon finish line is also a self-labelled performance artist who describes himself as “totes quirkster” and a “fashion designer first and a wannabe entrepreneur second.”

This policy of mine is, I am sure, a good one generally, although I am currently hard-pressed  to come up with a justification for it at precisely this moment.



Moe Lane

PS: The fellow wants exposure. I imagine that many people reading this will want to explore the stick option.  The universe is made up of compromise.

*Nothing in the title should be taken as a group condemnation of performance art, or its practitioners.  There are many, many performance artists out there who have the basic empathy and decency to not even try to terrify an entire city.  On the other hand, the “eco-aware and ethical” bit later in the article is one heck of a tell, really.

8 thoughts on “Boston Marathon hoax bomber: performance artist*.”

  1. 30 days in jail
    2 years community service to help the victims of the bombing from a year ago.
    Maybe a little time with real people can straighten this {redacted} turd out.

    1. Okay, I’ll go for 30 days in jail and 2 years community service for using the word “totes”, what about his penalty for planting the fake bombs?

    2. I’d say lock them up for their stupidity, since they potentially endangered the public and could have caused a panic.

  2. The Boston P.D. are, I’m sure, eminently qualified to deliver said beating with sticks …Police brutality? No, it’s “performance art”!! I like the symmetry of something cruel happening to him and being labeled “performance art.”

  3. As a fan of the “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy”, I shall deploy a word that I have picked up from them:
    He’s a tw*t.

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