Kathleen Sebelius said to be mulling running for Kansas Senate. …No, really.

Alternate title: Kathleen Sebelius must accept that her career is dust in the wind.

It’s in the New York Times and everything. Of course, even the New York Times can’t ignore basic reality:

Even if Ms. Sebelius had not presided over the Department of Health and Human Services at a time of turmoil and self-inflicted distress — and while carrying out a law that inspires such anger on the right — her candidacy would be a tough sell in Kansas. Democrats have not held a Senate seat in the state since 1939. And even before the president’s popularity started to take a steep slide last year, he fared especially poorly in Kansas, winning only 38 percent of the vote there in 2012.

The Old Gray Lady did her level best to try to run some volts through the chest of this possible scenario – which, if it came to pass, would absolutely ensure Republican turnout in Kansas in November* – but the Times’ heart wasn’t in it, and left unsaid was the political reality that the GOP is looking for a good, solid political excuse to turn Sebelius replacement Sylvia Mathews Burwell’s confirmation hearings into a furball. That would embarrass Barack Obama… and no Democrat may embarrass Barack Obama.  Certainly no female Democrat may. Only Obama’s feelings are worthy of consideration these days, it seems.

So, Kathleen Sebelius should pretty much face facts: she sacrificed her career and her reputation to the dubious glory of Barack Obama.  Time for her to accept her destiny as just another K Street lobbyist…

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PS: Yup, been wanting to use that line for a while.

*Unfortunately, Kansas is such a hardcore Republican state already that we couldn’t use it to toss out Democrats on the federal and/or statewide level; I’m not sure if there are any.  And we’re already at super-majority levels in the state legislature anyway.

6 thoughts on “Kathleen Sebelius said to be mulling running for Kansas Senate. …No, really.”

  1. It’s so bad that any D wanting elective office registers as an R, I’m sure.

    1. Perhaps they relocate to bluer pastures?
      Lotta Missouri Dems running around New Hampshire…

    2. This is true, any D who does win is when Liberal Republicans vote for him/her.

      In Kansas there are three parties.
      Conservative Republicans
      Liberal Republicans
      and Democrats.

      1. I actually like it when the parties are competitive on a specific state level, for just that reason. We can coast longer in our one-party states than the Dems can in theirs, because our policies work and theirs don’t – but eventually the rot does set in.

        As to Sebelius, though – I read on Twitter that not even PPP could get her above a 38% approval rating in Kansas.

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