Terry Lynn Land (R) now ahead of Gary Peters (D) in RCP average for Michigan-SEN.

The latest Mitchell Research poll has Land up six (44/38) over Peters; a previous Mitchell poll had her behind by one. This is enough to put her in front, overall; toss out the partisan polls and Terry Lynn Rand is ahead by rather more.  Looking at the rend line… well, Gary Peters can’t just seem to catch fire.  And I don’t think that the governor’s race is going to help, either: as of this moment  Rick Snyder is decently ahead, and in a comfortable place for a Republican governor in a blue state.

Hmm. Snyder needs a little work on his hair.  And how tall is he? – Dang, but I quite enjoy being spoiled for choice for 2016.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “Terry Lynn Land (R) now ahead of Gary Peters (D) in RCP average for Michigan-SEN.”

  1. Snyder is fine for MI, trying to fix things. In the process, he is not making many friends on either side. Don’t think he is a viable national candidate

  2. I actually don’t know why Peters is in this race he isn’t that smart or that good a politician. It’s probably a sign as to how bad a shape the Democrats are in this state that they have to run with him as opposed to someone with better name recognition.
    As for Snyder I think he’s about 5’6″.

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