Ed Snowden barks on cue at Vladimir Putin’s trained seal show.

I gotta agree with Rick Wilson: ‘officially?’


I would have said ‘officially’ when Ed Snowden sought and got asylum in Russia: participating in this particular agitprop exercise is so expected as to be barely worth mentioning. Moral of the story, folks: if the Activist Left is enthusiastically part of something, look at it three times before endorsing it yourself. Then don’t endorse it anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Now you know.

2 thoughts on “Ed Snowden barks on cue at Vladimir Putin’s trained seal show.”

  1. Snowden certainly seems to be a reprehensible schmuck who was trying to damage the reputation of the United States.
    And yet … If I discovered that the Obama administration was treating its own citizens and those of allied democratic nations with contempt and plausibly violating the Constitution, and if I made that information public, I’d run like hell to one of the few countries in the world where I’d be unlikely to suffer an unfortunate accident that just happened to benefit the guy in the White House.
    Remember, our beloved President does not regard the Russian government as an enemy, even now. But he does regard U.S. citizens as enemies … and under Chicago Rules, enemies may be neutralized By Any Means Necessary.

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