Pat Quinn thinks black Republicans are like Jewish collaborators to Nazis. …No, really.

I… am having difficulty processing this story.

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is in some hot water with the Jewish community after his campaign tweeted—and then quietly deleted—several messages urging backers to read an article comparing black Republican voters to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

That is indeed what the article said, and my difficulty is not in believing that Pat Quinn might think that such a comparison was warranted.  I am fully aware that he could think that, and does think that.  What is causing my head to short-circuit is that the Quinn campaign did not immediately have whatever fool intern was responsible for the governor’s endorsement of bigotry – over Passover weekend, no less! – drawn, quartered, and the pieces displayed as an attempt to placate critics.  What the Hell was Pat Quinn thinking?  Was Pat Quinn thinking?

Geez, the GOP is going to ostensibly* win this gubernatorial election, isn’t it? – After decades of having the Illinois Combine run Illinois into the ground.  Happy happy, joy joy…

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Moe Lane

*There is no Democratic Party of Illinois. There is no Republican Party of Illinois. There is only the Illinois Combine.

4 thoughts on “Pat Quinn thinks black Republicans are like Jewish collaborators to Nazis. …No, really.”

  1. Rauner ( is benefiting greatly from Dem Fatigue.
    No, not that Illinois is tired of being run by Dems; as you say, the two parties are somewhat .. illusory. No, I mean fatigue in more of a John Stumpf* sort of a way…
    The talented have largely left for greener pa$ture$, leaving Quinn the Apparatchik with a D-grade band of merry staff.
    In other words, to answer Moe’s question, it is very likely that before staking the offending intern out to be eaten by coyotes**, the Quinn campaign has to figure out which of the C or B people will be offended and/or need cover stories.
    * ‘s a classical reference, but ‘s not on Wikiquote – try google if you don’t recognize it
    ** A pack of coyotes roam the greenspace around O’Hare.

  2. Illinois is not in salvageable condition it hasn’t been for a long time.
    And no Pat Quinn probably wasn’t thinking that is not and has not been a survival skill for Democrats in the O’bama years. Too much thinking can lead to some mighty unfortunate questions that could upset the king. And upsetting the king can lead to IRS audits which would probably end up with Quinn in prison for an extended period. So much better to offend a bunch of people than to actually think.

  3. Illinois politics (particularly Chicago), is actually more corrupt that Washington DC (or at least it was until Chicago moved to Washington).

    Moe, it’s actually rather probable that Democrats will still win in Illinois, unless the living vote so overwhelming in favor of the Republican that they can completely offset the undead vote (I really wish I was kidding).

  4. What the Hell was Pat Quinn thinking?

    “So what? It’s not like they’re going to vote for a Republican.”

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