White House proxies dis-inviting themselves from events.

Not turning out to be a good week for proxies of the administration:

  • Topeka: “First lady Michelle Obama is scrapping her plans to deliver a graduation speech for high school seniors in Topeka, Kan., after hundreds signed a petition in protest. Instead of delivering a graduation speech, Obama will speak before the school district the day before graduation, and will deliver remarks at a “Senior Recognition Day.”” (Via Instapundit)
  • Oklahoma City:  “Attorney General Eric Holder canceled an appearance before the Oklahoma City Police Department’s graduating cadet class Thursday amid angry protests over his scheduled visit.” (Via @warriorwoman91)

If you’re wondering how lowered poll numbers translate to the real world, well, here’s one way that they do: this would have been unthinkable in 2009, or even 2011. Of the two of them, I am far more sympathetic towards the travails of the First Lady: she should have known better, but the end result should be a reasonable compromise*.  As for Eric Holder… well, I am afraid that I agree with Blake Farenthold.  The man should be in jail for criminal contempt right now.

Moe Lane

*You may have noticed that I don’t often spout off on the First Lady.  There’s a reason for that: my personal opinions of Michelle Obama aside it’s very, very easy to have critiques of the First Family blow up in your face.  And this is just as true of our opponents as it is for us: I figure that the Left’s nastiness to Laura Bush and the Bush daughters probably netted us half a point in 2004.

I’m not telling anybody what to do: I’m just giving some cynical, yet I feel accurate, advice.  Let the Other Side juggle the hand grenades on this one.  Safer, smarter, inevitably more entertaining.

5 thoughts on “White House proxies dis-inviting themselves from events.”

  1. You know who’s not afraid to go off on the First Lady? My high school daughter and her friends who don’t like their school lunches (no prompting from me at all, honest!). I’m sure poking the bear on that age group won’t hurt the Democrats in 5 or 10 years.

  2. I don’t dislike the first lady, but I am completely tired of seeing her face EVERYWHERE (Barack’s too). I mean I don’t want politics shoved in my face every second of every day. The politicization of everything sucks.

  3. I predict that this is going to become more common. That is one of the problems with letting the MSM turn a politician into a Celebrity. Which is what they did to the first couple and now that the president’s popularity is vaporizing, well it’s going to be a long time until 2016.

    1. Michelle Obama is not Jackie Kennedy. In fact, we eventually found out that even Jackie Kennedy wasn’t Jackie Kennedy.

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