Ten Things Barack Obama Will Need To Do In 2015 Before Republicans Will Begin To Trust Him.

(H/T: Hot Air) Apparently Democrats are getting to the point – however privately – where they’re starting to worry about whether Barack Obama will be ‘betraying’ them next year by making deals with a GOP House and Senate.  Well, I got bad news and good news for the Democrats.  On the one hand, it’s going to be really, really hard for Republicans to believe that Barack Obama would be willing to negotiate in good faith with us.  On the other hand, there is a path of redemption for the President to take along those lines.

On the gripping hand?  Barack Obama would absolutely HATE having to do any of the below, let alone all of it.

Ten Things Barack Obama Will Need To Do In 2015 Before Republicans Will Begin To Trust Him.

  1. Fire Valerie Jarrett.
  2. Stop protecting Eric Holder. And no pardon.
  3. Directly negotiate with the Speaker of the House and the new Senate Majority Leader.
  4. Clean house in the IRS.
  5. Open up the water supply in the San [Joaquin] Valley.
  6. Sign off on the Keystone Pipeline.
  7. Formally admit that Gitmo will not be closing during his administration.
  8. Accept personal responsibility for future mistakes made by his administration.
  9. Institute regular press conferences, complete with ample time for questions.
  10. Start showing up on time for things.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: This list lets Barack Obama off too easily, Moe!  That’s the thing, though: it’s designed to… assuming that you’re not as egotistical as Barack Obama is.  The President has spent his entire adult life being told that he’s this wonderful Lightworker who is above the cares and restrictions of mere mortals: do you really think that Obama’s prepared to have to admit that he was wrong or that he needs to follow rules or that he actually has to do work? We’re talking about a man who can’t even admit that he needs to be punctual.

So this list is a win-win for me.  If Barack Obama follows it, we simultaneously get him to rein in his most chowder-headed personality traits, while simultaneously make him grit his teeth every single day over the utter indignity of it all.  If he doesn’t follow it… well, there isn’t an unreasonable thing on that list.  You can’t say that the Republican party didn’t try to be nice, although certainly the media will try to say that anyway.

And, for the record? I expect Barack Obama to not do a single thing on that list.  Which is pretty much the Democrats’ problem, not mine.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Your favorite big-ticket item is probably not on this list because first we need to get the President to start acting like an emotionally mature adult who is fully aware of his responsibilities.  Once we get that done, then we can see if Barack Obama can handle big-guy decisions.  And yes, I certainly hope that that came across as condescending: it was meant to.

16 thoughts on “Ten Things Barack Obama Will Need To Do In 2015 Before Republicans Will Begin To Trust Him.”

  1. All perfectly reasonable.
    All about as likely as my kids finding out that a towel around your neck enables you to fly.

      1. Guess she wants to keep her seat.
        Maybe it’s just my twitchy whiskers, but her “push back” seems overly weasel-worded.

      2. The credibility of her pushback is limited by the fact that Boehner stated in the same speech where he called Republicans who oppose Amnesty “cowards” that repealing Obamacare wasn’t the answer. This seems to be as much of an official Institutional Republican leadership position as Amnesty.

  2. Fire Valerie Jarrett? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHahahaahahaahahahhahahahahahah!

    You might as well have added “out of a howitzer” for all teh likelihood that it’d ever happen.

    1. Alinsky says #8 is important because the rules required Bush to be held personally responsible.
      Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have something to say about it.
      (decides not to suggest that Obama has ever had anything to do with 8 balls)

  3. What makes us think that B.O. would even try to negotiate with a GOP House and Senate. It would be the perfect excuse for him to not do anything…he complained endlessly in 2009-10 about GOP obstructionism preventing him from doing anything when there were decisive Dem majorities in both houses…his enablers will give him the usual free pass.

  4. WOW, are you going DEEP on the “Wrath of Khan” reference. I shouldn’t be surprised, as “yours is sup…erior.”

  5. 11. Go on record with “The Trayvon Martin case is over. The jury has ruled. Let’s move on.”

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