How many times must we write ‘Harry Reid may be having …issues’?

Seriously, this is kind of weird.

It’s not just bizarre, or downright creepy; it’s also not working.

8 thoughts on “How many times must we write ‘Harry Reid may be having …issues’?”

  1. Well .. what other cards does he have left?
    He’s currently planning to run for re-election in 2016, and .. if things don’t *significantly* change, he’s going to be the minority leader come January.
    That may just account for ol’ Harry behaving a tad erratically, no?

  2. He’s acting more like Joe Biden everyday except for the fact Joe Biden is actually entertaining…

      1. The scary part is that I think Democrats would actually vote for them and if amnesty gets rammed through, I think that ticket would win.

  3. I actually think that Harry the Hatchet is not acting irrationally. He really is the vile, viscious scumbag that comments of his indicate. He is not mentally ill, as Biden probably is, he is evil to the core. When he wasn’t taken out in 2010, he began to believe he was bullet proof. Any objective investigation into his financial affairs would probably put him in USP Leavenworth for at least 20 years. He has conscientiously built up his attack dog image to forstall any attempt to get rid of him.

  4. I steadfastly refuse to believe that Harry Reid is a child molester. And I don’t care how many photographs and sworn affidavits there are to the contrary!

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