Maureen Dowd most amusingly turns on Barack Obama. Just a *bit*.

I believe that the technical term for this is Mawreen Haz A Sad:

When you [Maureen is talking directly at* President Barack Obama -ML] hate being criticized, it’s hard to take a giant steaming plate of “you stink” every day, coming from all sides. But you convey the sense that any difference on substance is lèse-majesté.

You simply proclaim what you believe as though you know it to be absolutely true, hoping we recognize the truth of it, and, if we don’t, then we’ve disappointed you again.

Even some of the chatterers who used to be in your corner now make derogatory remarks about your manhood.

Sounds like somebody finally looked at the picture on the box, looked at what was actually in the box, looked at the picture again, and realized that she’s been had.  So sorry to have to tell Maureen Dowd this, but there isn’t any way to get a refund, and the contract won’t expire for another two years.  She broke it, she bought it.

Cry me a blipping river.

Moe Lane

*Note: ‘at,’ not ‘with.’

10 thoughts on “Maureen Dowd most amusingly turns on Barack Obama. Just a *bit*.”

  1. Meh, I’m actually more concerned about the e-mails that Judicial Watch obtained about Benghazi that ties the video garbage to the White House.

    1. You’re not surprised, as it’s been obvious for a long while.
      That the White House isn’t very competent also isn’t a surprise.

      So, you’re concerned about the reaction?
      Sadly, I don’t think there will be much official reaction. Reid owns the Senate, and Boehner has no balls.

    2. Odds of congress impeaching Obama is lower than me getting a date with Kate Upton and my wife being cool with it

  2. Moe, Moe, Moe.
    This isn’t Maureen having a sad, or at least not *just* that.
    This is Maureen the lamprey disengaging from the dying corpse of Obama, and looking around for fresh meat.

    1. Starting to see more of that every day.

      The soulless, but shrewd, understand they need a couple of years of distancing to effectively avoid the maelstrom when it finally hits.

      1. Eeyup, as predicted the lamprey are starting to separate in preparation for new prey.
        The dumber ones will go through the maelstrom, the marginally more evolved ones will try to catch the next rising star.
        p.s. I do not see the next Dem rising star .. anyone else?

        1. Not for a while, but I’m sure if we elect Jeb Bush or Chris Christie one will emerge right around their 2nd term or so. Just like they did under Dubya.

  3. Or as Hunter S. Thompson said: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Too bad we’re all being taken for a ride.

  4. Acat there is no starstuff in the democratic party anymore all that’s left is ooze.

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