Today is May Day. To honor it, go buy something.

Like, say, onĀ Amazon.

Moe Lane

PS: Also do the following:

  • Create a stable nation-state that can feed itself without assistance.
  • Establish a reasonably democratic and free society that does not require guards to keep its populace inside its borders.
  • Avoid creating a tyrannical dictatorship that uses informants, gulags, and mass graves to maintain order.

In other words: don’t be a Commie.

2 thoughts on “Today is May Day. To honor it, go buy something.”

  1. I preordered the new Wolfenstein because it’s been too long since I’ve killed Nazis.

  2. Nazis, Commies, what’s the diff. Other than my old man killed the Japanese version of the former and I helped kill the Viet Namese version of the latter. I always hoped we got some of the Russkies too.

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