This ‘Constantine’ TV show trailer suggests… it might not actually suck.

As Do-Gooder Press notes, at least this time they got a John Constantine who is a Brit with a trench-coat and mouth on him.

I really wish that I could just subscribe to the shows that I wanted to see, and dump the rest. ┬áMind you, that scenario’s the sort of thing that makes TV executives wake up in the middle of the night, screaming.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “This ‘Constantine’ TV show trailer suggests… it might not actually suck.”

  1. Heh. Netflix, Moe. Oh, and Amazon Prime, and most of the network production houses put their shows up as well.
    That snazzy new TV you’re (going to buy / recently bought) should have HDMI, and so should your snazzy new laptop, so it’s just a patch cord.
    It’s only the subset of executives who have fat, happy careers selling ads on the increasingly irrelevant networks that are screaming .. well, them and cable and dish operators who have refused to un-bundle channels ..
    Oh, and here’s a note from Howard about a show that .. may or may not be up your alley that’d never be broadcast in your area (and how to stream it):

  2. The technology will work itself out shortly. It’s takes a bit of patience. It’s the sort of thing you can see coming, but just isn’t happening yet, like the death of phyisical money and the day they roll up all the telephone wires.

    Constantine does look good, but I’m conflicted. I’m trying to divest myself of TV shows I watch. With Community canceled I’m just down to Agents of SHIELD (don’t judge me!). I want to watch it, but I don’t want to pick up another show…

  3. Wow.
    I may have cause to record something on the DVR. And then actually find time to watch it.
    But it’s more likely to be on Hulu+ than Netflix.

  4. Oh dear. It airs in the Friday Night Death Slot. That doesn’t bode particularly well. On the other hand, Grimm started there and is thriving, so with that as a lead-in this one might have a chance…

    My biggest objection is that broadcast TV is just too vanilla to properly do a Hellblazer series. It really needs to be on cable.

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