Democrats’ youth vote for 2014 looks like… 2010’s.

Yes, that would make Democrats frantic.  Why do you ask?

Just the one poll, of course – and note that it was done by a Democratic pollster, so don’t assume that ‘scaring the heebie-jeebies out of the Left’ isn’t part of the business model – but it does seem to fit.  It does not really surprise me that the Democrats can only count on 37% of its 2012 youth vote in 2014; as Aaron Blake noted, the youth vote dropped precipitously in 2010, too.  Midterm elections are dominated by voting blocs that make the effort to vote; the young are typically not one of those voting blocs.

And then there’s this:

Democrats are facing an enthusiasm gap with young Americans, according to a new survey of millennials, a result that echoes surveys of the wider national population.

The poll, conducted by the Harvard Institute of Politics, shows 44 percent of 2012 Mitt Romney voters aged 18-29 saying they’ll definitely vote this fall, and 35 percent of 2012 Barack Obama voters saying the same.

This will not mean that Republicans will win the youth vote in 2014: undoubtedly more young voters will turn out for Obama. But what the Democrats need to do is to recreate not the 2012 electorate, but the 2008 one – particularly in the Senate, given the number of Romney state seats held by Democrats.  And these numbers are not consistent with that kind of performance.  Lastly: given that it’s now mid-May – my, how time flies! – when were the Democrats planning to actually start building up young voter enthusiasm?

Sorry, rhetorical question.  What do young voters have to be enthusiastic about, these days?

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3 thoughts on “Democrats’ youth vote for 2014 looks like… 2010’s.”

  1. Considering that most of them, even with better degrees than women’s studies or basketweaving, no careers are available, and they’re only finding 29hr/wk (thanks to Obamacare) jobs – wouldn’t think they’re feeling the ‘love’ for government.

  2. I have no pity for the youth who voted for Obama twice: “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

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