Cloverfield – Roar!The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus & James Fitzpatrick Yvetta Tannenbergerova

Cannot wait for Godzilla tomorrow… well, today: I got called away from my computer.  This should have been up an hour ago.

4 thoughts on ““Roar!””

  1. Cloverfield is a craptacular movie standing next to the new Godzilla movie.
    I know one of my major complaints with Cloverfield was its nigh invincibility nature. My complaint reminds, only modified. Cloverfield’s nigh invincibility only serves as a big middle-finger to our all of us watching the movie and it pissed me off to no end. Godzilla’s (and other TWO daikaiju in the film) nigh invincibility actually serves the plot, is brought up early in the film, and isn’t spung on you for a cheap jump scare.

    1. The way I always saw it, Cloverfield takes place during the first third to half of *another,* more conventional kaiju flick. You keep getting hints that there’s another entire narrative going on out there, only you’re not watching that: you’re watching this. On *those* terms I found the film enjoyable as an experiment, at least.

      1. I liked Cloverfield until I watched the commentary and heard about how she was supposedly crying in pain and all that nonsense. Really, the commentary on our voyeuristic culture was good. The attempt to ‘humanize’ the monster? Not so much. But at least I didn’t see it until the commentary.

        Saw Godzilla last night. It rocked. Just the right amount of self-awareness to allow you to know it wasn’t taking itself TOO seriously. And Ken Watanabe is the Japanese Patrick Stewart: A man with the God-given ability to make crap lines sound like Shakespeare.

        1. See, this is why I don’t watch the commentary for movies. Except for The Princess Bride. God, but that cast loved Andre the Giant.

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