“Godzilla cartoon theme song.”

This is like the most Hanna-Barbera thing ever.

No link, per se, but if you’ve ever wanted the cartoon series, well…

6 thoughts on ““Godzilla cartoon theme song.””

  1. The 90’s Godzilla cartoon is on Netflix right now. It is a sequel to that train wreck of a movie. I haven’t watched it, mainly because I hear that it is a really good cartoon and a really good Godzilla cartoon doesn’t square with my reality.

    1. I watched it when it was on the TV. Wasn’t bad, for a television show.
      I also very much enjoyed some of the fanfic derived from that show.
      Actual experience with Gojira, assuming I’ve had any, was much later, so I’m hardly in the purist camp.

  2. I’d managed to forget that ever existed.
    Thank you SOOOO much for reminding me.
    (Prepare to be beaten with a dead fish, varlet.)

  3. Its amazing how easy it is to ID it as a H-B cartoon in seconds by the crappy soft focus animation.

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