Andrew Romanoff: Help me… *Howard Dean*? Anyway, you’re his only hope.

I understand that Howard Dean’s rather… unique… version of “America: love it, or leave it” was just him trying to make a D+1 district (Colorado-06) feel like a D+11 one:

…but my reaction was perhaps not what Howard Dean was hoping for.

  1. The immediate reaction: ‘Saruman, Saruman!’ said Gandalf still laughing. ‘Saruman, you missed your path in life. ¬†You should have been the king’s jester and earned your bread, and stripes too, by mimicking his counsellors. Ah me!’ he paused, getting the better of his mirth.
  2. The more thoughtful reaction: Man, how badly is Andrew Romanoff doing in the internal polling that the best he can get from the Democratic party these days is Howard Freaking Dean?

Moe Lane

PS: People from Vermont sure do have funny ways to define who is and who is not a ‘real’ American, huh? – Makes you kind of nervous, given how it’s pretty much lily-white up there.

PPS: Mike Coffman is, of course, the sitting Congressman for that district.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Romanoff: Help me… *Howard Dean*? Anyway, you’re his only hope.”

  1. Funny thing, I, coincidentally, have my doubts as to the loyalties of Howard Dean’s side. Perhaps a trial separation of our two peoples, for say a dozen generations, is needed.

    As far as CO-06 is concerned, there are no good choices there. There are two bills to allow illegals to enlist in the military and get citizenship that were written to be attached to the Defense Authorization Act. One was Denholm of California’s “ENLIST Act”. That is the one that Boehner is now threatening to pass separately and send to the Senate. The other is H.R. 435, the “Military Enlistment Opportunity Act” written by and sponsored by Mike Coffman.

    If either bill gets to the Senate in any form, the plan is to do the same thing they did with Obamacare and gut out everything but the title and insert the full Schumer/Rubio Amnesty and Permanent Open Borders package passed by the Senate earlier as part of the National Defense Authorization Act which has to be passed. Boehner will use it to pass amnesty. Coffman is no bargain, and a full fledged Institutional Republican in good standing.


  3. Howard Dean was always clever. When governor he changed eligibility rules to allow a pregnant woman to count the fetus when determining family size to see whether she qualified for free government health care… and then use that health care to get an abortion. The kid paid for his own abortion. The spirit of Joseph Heller lives on.

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