I challenge you to read this Arizona-07 story without breaking down in helpless laughter.

This Slate article by Dave Weigel starts promisingly:

 On Aug. 26, Democratic voters in Arizona will choose a successor to 7th Congressional District Rep. Ed Pastor. It’s a safe, blue seat, covering the most liberal parts of Phoenix and Glendale. And it’s heavily Hispanic. That’s what led a Republican trickster named Scott Fistler to pay $319 to legally change his name, to “Cesar Chavez,” and attempt to get on the ballot.

…and then proceeds to get even better. So, so much better.  I was howling by paragraph six. Trolling level: CRYSTALLINE PERFECTION.  That’s the best-spent $319 I’ve seen spent in a long, long time.


2 thoughts on “I challenge you to read this Arizona-07 story without breaking down in helpless laughter.”

  1. Buhwahahaha…

    Wilcox obviously counted on media ignorance to pull off a total sham attack. As an Hispanic-American she knows that traditionally Hispanics are carry both paternal and maternal surnames.

    Pedantic Warning!

    Surname useage is not uniform in Latin countries, but in Mexico, for example, both surnames must be used legally on documents as the full name, i.e. Juan Jose Rios Martinez. Juan Jose would be known by his paternal surname; Juan Jose Rios as in the US, but he would always write it out in full.

    However, if the maternal surname has an advantage; wealth, power, prestige, then it will be used. Among the uber rich maternal surnames are used to delineate superior ancestry or family fortunes, but it’s not common among average folks.

    It’s only mid-June and already the midterms are muy entretenido,no?

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