Apostate Louisiana singled out for EPA’s punishment.

The last sentence in the excerpt from this article (‘Despite low coal use, La. must reduce CO2 by 40%’) is inaccurate.

When the Obama administration announced its new plan to cut carbon dioxide from power plants to combat climate change, Louisiana found itself on the hook for a 40 percent reduction over the next 15 years or so — one of the bigger decreases demanded in the state-by-state goals.

The size of the proposed cut surprised many because Louisiana doesn’t rely heavily on coal, which generates more carbon dioxide than most other fuels.

Neither state regulators nor the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can provide a clear reason for why Louisiana’s reduction is so large.

It is more accurate to say that neither wants to provide said clear reason.  But we’re all adults here, right?  Louisiana got hit by this because of three things.

  1. One, Louisiana is a Southern state that has gotten more and more Republican ever since state Democrats utterly failed to handle Hurricane Katrina.
  2. It’s a heavy producer of oil.
  3. The governor of Louisiana – Bobby Jindal – has the temerity to not only be a conservative minority Republican, but one that is in fact as intelligent, erudite, and competent as Barack Obama pretends to be.

#3 is probably the big one, here.  Although never underestimate the petulant fury of a Democratic party apparatchik who is seeing an entire state’s worth of local patronage slip out of his party’s fingers.

Moe Lane

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