GWB Rehabilitation Watch, Look At Those Gallup Numbers! edition.

He’s already beating Jimmy Carter, although God knows that isn’t hard.


There’s no real reason to bring this up, except of course that doing this incredibly torques off all of those folks on the Left who based their own sense of self on their loathing of George W Bush. That’s bad mojo, my friends: bad, bad mojo. And it’s something that my own ideological compatriots will need to watch out for, once the current guy is out of office: Barack Obama’s image will be rehabilitated in the public eye. It almost always happens.

So, those guys on the Left? Don’t be like those guys.

3 thoughts on “GWB Rehabilitation Watch, Look At Those Gallup Numbers! edition.”

  1. Meh, he can be rehabilitated. Once he’s out of office he’ll be downgraded from ‘Threat to the Republic’ to ‘Mostly harmless’.

  2. It is now clear that the election of Barack Obama was a conspiracy to make Not Quite Dead White Male Presidents look good.

  3. To paraphrase Mary in Rob Roy, “I will try not to think of him until the 20th of January ’17, and then I will think of him no more.”

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