(Via @instapundit) If blogging is dead, it’s a lively enough corpse.

I guess that it’s interesting that Technorati shut down, but honestly: I haven’t really used that site in years. And I’m not exactly sure what is meant by ‘the demise of the blogosphere.’ I mean, it’s still there: in fact, if you look outside of politics it’s possibly stronger than it’s ever been*. What happened was just that the folks who tried out blogging when it was a fad have now dropped it (nothing wrong with that, by the way) and those of us who are still doing it have at the same time branched out.

None of this is making me fume or snark, by the way. I just thought that linking the death of an admittedly once-popular yardstick to the death of an entire communications sub-network (which hasn’t actually died) seemed like at least a bit of a reach.

Via Instapundit.

*’Mom blogs.’

3 thoughts on “(Via @instapundit) If blogging is dead, it’s a lively enough corpse.”

  1. Hasn’t Facebook and Twitter (to a lesser extent) replaced most of the casual bloggers by giving them the space to say what they ate that day without a dedicated blog? Most blogs that are still active seem to be more topic/lifestyle focused.

  2. Moe, you do have a link to static.technorati.com on this site that hangs up when a page loads.

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