White House debating whether to ally with… God help us… Syria.

You have got to be… kidding me.

There’s a battle raging inside the Obama administration about whether the United States ought to push away from its goal of toppling Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and into a de facto alliance with the Damascus regime to fight ISIS and other Sunni extremists in the region.

As President Obama slowly but surely increases the U.S. military presence on the ground in Iraq, his administration is grappling with the immediate need to stop the ISIS advance and push for a political solution in Baghdad. The 3 1/2-year grinding civil war is Syria has been put on a back burner for now. Some officials inside the administration are proposing that the drive to remove Assad from power, which Obama announced as U.S. policy in 2012, be set aside, too. The focus, these officials argue, should instead be on the region’s security and stability. Governments fighting for survival against extremists should be shored up, not undermined.

…You know, if any ‘official inside the administration’ had gone up to George W Bush and told him Mr. President, we should ally with that evil regime that used chlorine gas on its own people earlier this year George W Bush would have responded by ejecting that official from the White House forthwith. And when I say ‘ejected’ I explicitly mean that the former official would have been last seen smashing through a window, with the mark of George W Bush’s Texas boot still visible on the luckless former official’s… rear.  What kind of shop is President Obama running over there?  The Syria regime is using… cursed chlorine gas.  This is a known thing.

We are supposed to destroy people who do that …thing.  That is why the United States of America exists. That this administration is instead even thinking of rewarding the Syrian regime is… something that I should [not] say in public.

Via Hot Air.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The language in the first draft was considerably more profane.

8 thoughts on “White House debating whether to ally with… God help us… Syria.”

  1. The one constant is that this administration neither sides with, nor understands, civilization.

  2. Sit back and let both evil sides kill each other.
    Yes, I feel very bad for the poor innocents caught in the middle of it. We can ship them arms when they’re ready.

  3. This is approximately the level of competence I have come to expect from the left.

  4. Moe, I’m honestly not surprised by this, quite simply Obama has no real foreign policy and he doesn’t particularly want to have one.

    We had a chance to cripple ISIS without endangering the lives of civilians a few months ago, and Obama refused to authorize military action.

    Quite frankly we have to do something, but I disagree with allying with Syria’s Government.

    If I was in the military and sent over there, I’d be scared to death that if the situation took a turn for the worst, that Obama would abandon the people we still have in the embassy, like he did to Ambassador Stevens.

  5. We are heading toward Biblical end times, Moe. Russia is this close to sweeping across East Europe. China wants all within their sights. A mad man with nuclear weapons rules North Korea. And the Middle East is already burning. Next we will have human sacrifice, cats and dogs living together, Mass Hysteria!

  6. They need to learn the maxim: my enemies enemy is my enemies enemy, no more,no less.

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