Bruce Braley (D CAND, IOWA-SEN) is a farmer of LIES.

You know, the DSCC had one job.  ONE:

Democrat Bruce Braley, who was caught on tape in January making a remark that seemed to besmirch Iowa farmers, has been caught on tape seemingly claiming to be one.

“We’re farmers,” a parade attendee appears to tells Braley, a U.S. Senate candidate, during the Fourth of July parade in Iowa Falls last weekend.

“So am I,” Braley answers in a video shared with The Des Moines Register today.

The Des Moines Register then went on to list the ways that Bruce Braley is not, indeed, a farmer: which is to say, pretty much every way, because Bruce Braley is not a farmer. He’s a politician who sucks up to out-of-state trial lawyers by mocking farmers.  The Braley campaign is trying to pretend that the man heard it as ‘We’re for farmers.’  I dunno. You tell me:

Spoiler warning: Bruce Braley is lying there, too. And he’s rather bad at it, too. As in, ‘lacks basic competency.’

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Joni Ernst for Senate. You know.  The farmer.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Braley (D CAND, IOWA-SEN) is a farmer of LIES.”

  1. Bruce Braley, will go down as the Dems Todd Aiken if he keeps this up. And I for one would like to be able to refer to every potential *bad* candidate as the next *bruce barley* for the next two years ( Todd’s name has run up some mileage so time for a change eh)

    1. Works for me.
      And remember, every dollar donated to defend “Bruce Barley” is a dollar that can’t defend no-longer-funnyman Al Franken or that putz from Oregon who’s running against the nice lady doctor who actually works for a living…..

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