Ventura County, CA Democratic chair David Atkins literally rooting for Republican voters to die.

And I am not using the word ‘literally’ incorrectly.

david atkins

Note, by the way, that judging from the aforementioned Fallen quote Mr. Atkins apparently sees himself as a demon.  Which is… fascinating, but I do not have enough of a background in clinical psychology to really analyze that man’s self-image. Although I will note that it’s so easy to go evil, in this thing of ours.  You always have to be careful.

Moving along, the Washington Free Beacon has more: while the rest of us* were having an appropriate Fourth of July weekend David Atkins was spending his time projecting what appears to be a screaming case of sexual performance anxiety onto the rest of us.  Seriously, they have pills for this now:


Again, this is the Chairman of the Ventura County, California Democratic party. When he isn’t wishing death on old people and/or making crude sexual comments* Atkins is supposed to be doing things like, I don’t know, helping rescue embattled incumbent Julia Brownley (D, CA-26). And I’m not using ’embattled’ incorrectly, either: in the June primary Brownley barely edged out Jeff Gorell AND the the GOP candidates ended up getting more votes than the solitary Democratic one.  This does not mean that Brownley is going to automatically lose; but this kind of sixth-grade trash talk is more appropriate for districts where the outcome is perhaps a bit less uncertain.  Which is to say, I’m not exactly sure how David Atkins expects any of this to help his party’s candidate.

Oh, wait, sorry: the guy’s a hardcore progressive.  It’s not about winning; it’s about never feeling the need to act like a civilized human being, even when it’d be personally inconvenient to do so.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Jeff Gorell for CA-26.

PPS: Note that I do not expect Julia Brownley to push for a retraction and an apology from David Atkins, although both are frankly necessary.  Brownley is a woman, Atkins is a progressive male; and examples of the latter haves been notoriously and stereotypically indifferent to any problems that their bad personal behavior might cause to examples of the former.  I don’t like it, but it’s not my political party.

*Of course there were also Nazi comparisons. At this point, it’d be more disconcerting if there weren’t any.

3 thoughts on “Ventura County, CA Democratic chair David Atkins literally rooting for Republican voters to die.”

  1. Moe the fact that he honestly thinks that way should be alarming.

    The reason why Lois Lerner for instance probably believed she was doing the right thing when she was engaging in the targetting (I believe things came from higher up in government, but she went along with it), was because she believed conservatives were somehow evil or inhuman.

    When someone is trying to dehumanize people as a group, it should set off proverbial alarm bells in one’s head.

    1. Yep. I remember reading something Art Chance wrote about the legal basis for the Nazi regime, and the dehumanization of the Jews and everyone else the Nazis didn’t like was a key component of it.

  2. I’m guessing this dude is atleast 30 probably overweight. So he might not want to bet on voting in the next 20 years himself.

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