Thank God: the 2016 GOP convention will be in Cleveland, OH.

I got nothing against Dallas, but Texas gets hot in the summertime. And Cleveland is a nice, respectable, straightforward choice. We are going to be running the Mother Of All A Return To Normalcy campaigns in 2016: there is a time for drama and there is a time for no-drama, and this is a time for no-drama.

Via Hot Air: I’m surprised that they didn’t use this video.

10 thoughts on “Thank God: the 2016 GOP convention will be in Cleveland, OH.”

  1. I think that’s a reasonable choice (just outside my drving range though, not that I’d expect to be able to find parking).

    I all seriousness, I like the location since there isn’t much of a chance for the left to make the location of the convention into the story being covered, like if they had chosen Vegas for instance.

  2. I’ve noted the disappointment, and I agree that Cleveland is a nice, safe choice, but ..
    I don’t see a good standard-bearer for the kind of “return to normalcy” that’s actually, you know, *needed* ..
    I do, however, see that a midwestern State as the pick makes a good cultural milieu for a midwestern candidate to be rolled out….
    p.s. my concerns, at this point, are named Jeb, Whale, and Iowa.

    1. Cincinnati would’ve been better ( its located in a swing county, so if Conventions have any positive effect on election results, that is where it would do the most good)

      As far as a “Return to Normalcy” candidate, well I think we have a few *cough* walker *cough*

      Anyway the first “Return to Normalcy” campaign was led by Warren Harding who was Ohio’s U.S. Senator at the time.

        Oh, wait, that doesn’t exactly communicate normalcy, does it? Damn.

  3. So…
    Conventions don’t help win over swing states, so why have them there?
    The Governor of Ohio sold out on Obamacare, over the screams of his legislature. So why reward him?

    1. The fact is that Ohio doesn’t have much for people to get into trouble and the convention will be the news story, not the location of the convention.

      Personally, I’d say Indiana would be a better choice for the reason you gave, but Ohio is a much better option than Vegas, because it plays into the narrative that Republicans are out of touch.

      Besides maybe we’ll get lucky and the Mainstream Media will make some snide remarks insulting farmers.

  4. Yes, we moved to North Texas this last April. Thank heavens that I was already accustomed to hot weather from living the last 19 years of my life in Southern California. True, it wasn’t as humid, except for the intervals when an air mass from Mexico blankets the area, but I can live with it. Especially when there are so many other benefits that I had forgotten existed outside of the former Golden State…

    On the other hand, I agree that Cleveland will be a lot more comfortable for the convention attendees. And I am more than ready for a nice, non-dramatic, down to Earth candidate. I have long since grown utterly nauseated at the Won, and the sound of his voice. I got rid of cable so I wouldn’t have it inflicted on me anymore — or the lunatic “news” anchors that seem to blanket the airwaves with their O-worship.

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