So, Hamas tried to irradiate Israel today.

They were aiming their rockets at Israel’s nuclear power plant:

Three rockets were launched at Dimona in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon. The Iron Dome intercepted one rocket before it could land, while two other rockets landed in open areas.

Dimona is the location of Israel’s nuclear reactor. There was no indication that rockets damaged any part of the reactor.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the rockets, stating that it had been attempting to hit the nuclear reactor.

Please note that nuclear radiation doesn’t give two [expletive deleted] whether you’re a Jew, a Muslim, or a Methodist. Please also note that anybody who has picked Hamas’s side in this conflict* has picked the wrong God-damned side**.  I like to remind people about this from time to time.  Saves time all around if folks immediately get just how much I despise the antiwar movement…

Moe Lane

PS: Missile defense systems.  What an amazingly useful concept, hey?

*That includes the people who try to be passive aggressive about it.  You know the type: the ones that James Lileks (?) once described as the sort who will lean forward after you point out how vile a particular ideology or faction is and say Yes, but…

**That is not profanity; it’s my private theological opinion.

6 thoughts on “So, Hamas tried to irradiate Israel today.”

  1. Gaza is undeniable proof that “land for peace” was as stupid an idea as we always said it was.
    Yet somehow, the proponents of the idea never seem to feel ashamed, or have even have second thoughts.
    I have to admire the moral conviction of the Israelis that they haven’t wiped out the population of the Gaza Strip and sown the earth with salt.
    If faced with similar circumstances, I know I would definitely not have the same degree of reticence.
    Sadly, I’m pretty darned sure that my reaction would be better strategy.

    1. If the reactor had been hit, Israel would currently be doing exactly what you suggested.

  2. The conflict will continue because the enemies’ will has not been broken. Clausewitz was correct. It is a cruel truth, but a truth none the less. Until the pain and suffering of war is visited on the Palestinian people themselves, they will have no incentive to stop fighting.

  3. I usually summarize matters by saying that there will be peace in the Middle East when peace is more prized than dead Jews, and so far, all the usual God-damned idiots still want more dead Jews.

    I do *so* look forward to seeing adults in charge of the federal government again.

  4. Israeli, at the risk of offending the evenhanded UN, should announce an automatic counter battery policy. It takes mere second to detect a rocket launch, determine its point of origin and fire a salvo. The Palestinians should be advised to run like Sheol whenever they see Hamas setting up a rocket attack: run either at Hamas to stop them or away from Hamas to save their own butts.

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