Lane’s Law of Gun Control Activism demonstrated by Michael Bloomberg.

The law itself is simple – Gun control fanaticism causes brain damage – and Michael Bloomberg is just determined to prove it: “The NRA went after two or three state Senators [i.e., last year’s Colorado recall elections over draconian new gun control laws]  in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get.”  This led to the inevitable headline: “Bloomberg dismisses Colo. Springs, Pueblo as roadless, rural backwaters.”

…And there’s nothing else to say, really.  Because gun control fanaticism causes brain damage.

6 thoughts on “Lane’s Law of Gun Control Activism demonstrated by Michael Bloomberg.”

  1. Having been to Colorado Springs, I can safely say it wasn’t a backwater when I went there.

    Now I don’t mind Bloomberg continuing to insult them, since it undermines the effectiveness of his organization.

    1. Then again, the tendency of his mayors to get themselves arrested does that all by itself.

  2. No roads in the Springs, but they have a ton of saloons with places to tie up your horse.

  3. Pot. California refugees. “Gun control”. Is it the altitude? Colorado seems nice…geographically…from a distance.

    1. No, just look at Wyoming. Open carry, no income tax and almost totally Republican. Colorado was just Californicated. That’s why I am not as wild about Gov. Perry’s success in bringing California business to Texas. The employees bring their commie politics with them.

  4. The Dems seem riddled with mental instability inducing beliefs…..
    Has anyone else wondered if they may have an elder god problem?

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