The ’12 Monkeys’ SyFy television series trailer.

I am… less frightened of this than I expected to be.

Which is odd, because I respected the original 12 Monkeys enough that normally I’d be upset that they were going to go and do the exact opposite from the original while using the same name*.  Possibly it’s because I respected 12 Monkeys without liking it very much: it’s a good flick, but not a happy one.

Eh. The TV show could still very well suck.

Moe Lane

*Like they do

11 thoughts on “The ’12 Monkeys’ SyFy television series trailer.”

  1. What do you mean “do the exact opposite from the original”? the premise looks the same as what I remember.

    1. Well, in the movie [spoiler warning] the post-plague government had absolutely no intention of actually stopping the plague. In fact, they made sure that it happened (which is understandable, given that they didn’t want to wipe out their own timeline). They only went back in time to get the stuff that they’d need to create a cure.

      1. Ill have to go watch it again. thats not how I remember it, but its been a long time.

        1. I thought Moe meant that the original went from the perspective of a character in the the present (pre-apocalypse) whereas the series seems to be following the perspective of a character from the future (post-apocalypse.)

        2. Maybe the 12 monkey rules are that you CANT change the past? that would prevent paradox.

  2. So, what were your thoughts about what they did to “The Prisoner” a couple years back?
    I was definitely not a fan for most of it, but the last five minutes did a lot to redeem it in my eyes. (Even though it had nothing at all to do with the original.)

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