HA! My Secret Map made the Tor.com blog! @tordotcom

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Without attribution, but that’s my own damn fault: I didn’t slap my website info on the thing. So there was no way that either Tor.com nor Thom Dunn could know where it came from, but I’m glad they enjoyed it.  And, besides…

I kind of ripped off Slate myself, remember?

So, hey, no kick coming.


Moe Lane

PS: Obviously, it’s not the same map: the colors are slightly different and the angle of Alaska is shifted.  But the coloring of the states mimics the Slate piece.

9 thoughts on “HA! My Secret Map made the Tor.com blog! @tordotcom”

  1. Heh. I didn’t catch, the first time I looked at yours, that the color-coding didn’t track with the nature of the threat.
    Congrats, by the way.

  2. I found the gateway to Nega-Ohio.
    I shouldn’t say more. Let’s just say the placement of Serpent Mound is no accident…

  3. You probably don’t want the traffic from Tor… They don’t like your kind there, they’re fairly intolerant folks. But still, it’s cool…

    1. Ah, but mocking the intolerant provides Moe (and his readers) with hours of entertainment…

  4. Well, the tomatoes have certainly taken over my garden, and are in the process of strangling the peppers.
    Must be the innocent passersby they ate.

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