What happens when Republicans take the Senate? I’ll tell you, @voxdotcom.

Somewhere between half and two-thirds* of the Democratic staffers that talk to Vox right now won’t have jobs on Capitol Hill anymore. No jobs, no access to power, and all chasing the same stopgap employment opportunities.  It won’t be pretty: why, some of ’em might even have to move back home.

Ain’t it a shame.

Moe Lane

*I assume that Vox talks disproportionately to the ones who haven’t figured out yet that they probably shouldn’t talk to Vox.  Mind you, those are the first you downsize, so I guess it all works out, nu?

3 thoughts on “What happens when Republicans take the Senate? I’ll tell you, @voxdotcom.”

    1. The real shame, Gator, is twofold – how many of the fresh new GOP staffers will happily talk to the nice Vox guy who just wants to buy ’em food and get ’em into the “cool”.. and how many of those fresh new GOP staffers used to be Dem staffers.
      Watch for it .. happens every time.

  1. I remember a Washington Post article from 1994 when the Republicans took over the House that late that election night an unknown person was stalking the halls of various House office buildings shouting “Now all you Democrats get out!”

    Similar scene in the Senate, I guess, after this election.

    There were also several articles about those career Democratic staffers, some who worked there for decades, scrambling for new jobs.

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