Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.

I wonder if progressive Democrats are really Ready for Hillary.

Not that they have even the illusion of a choice. Events like this are pretty much designed to hammer that basic reality home. Jon Corzine, by any rational standard, should have been at least tried for fraud for what his MF Global brokerage firm did with over a billion dollars of their customer’s money (it took two years to get that money back). And yet… as Mollie Hemingway notes here, Jon Corzine had the good fortune of being a major bundler for the Obama administration.  So, oddly enough, there’s been no criminal charges filed.

Now. Whether or not criminal charges are deserved in this case is an issue beyond my scope (and, probably, competence level) as a gadfly and commentator on public affairs.  However, what I can comment on is rank hypocrisy, and there’s some fine examples of it on display here.  Whether Jon Corzine is guilty of fraud or not, he’s clearly demonstrated from his past career that he is simply horrible at running things.  If Corzine really wanted to improve the world he’d take some of his money, retire to an island in the Caribbean, and hide there for the rest of his life lest Jon Corzine do more inadvertent damage to it.  As for Hillary Clinton… well, she should join Corzine on the island on general principles; but I cannot wait to start hearing the woman talking about ‘income inequality’ and ‘Wall Street v. Main Street’ and all the other faux-populist nonsense that Democrats babble about when they’re not collecting fat campaign contribution checks from fatcats.

But the absolutely best hypocrisy?  Oh, that’ll be the way that progressive Democrats will just sit there meekly while Establishment Democrats slap them in the face like this a few times… just before the progressives are sent out to tell the world about how those awful business-loving Republicans are cynically manipulating the system for the benefits of a crony class.  Which the progressives will dutifully do, because they are indeed hypocrites.  :brightly: Cowards, too! – But we knew that already.

So, I guess it doesn’t really matter if progressive Democrats are Ready For Hillary or not.  Hillary Clinton may not the candidate that progressives want, but she’s certainly the candidate that progressives deserve.

Moe Lane

PS: You cannot make me respect people who refuse to respect themselves.

4 thoughts on “Enjoy, progressives! – Jon Corzine starting the process of joining Team Hillary Clinton.”

  1. My response to seeing that was a horrified “Have they no shame?”
    Even though I already knew the answer.

    1. Snort. Yeah, the party that continues to support impeached-and-removed-from-office ex-Judge Alcee Hastings, not to mention tried to convince the Massachusetts state legislature not to strip a state congressman who is in jail of his committee positions certainly doesn’t even know the meaning of the word as it applies to them.

    1. I’m imagining the entire Democrat machine as Monica Lewinsky.

      Better her than Bernardine Dohrn …

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