Meet Tennessee’s Canary in the Democratic Coal Mine: Charlie Brown, (D CAND, TN-GOV).

He’s… well.  He’s like this:

Democrats in Tennessee have apparently nominated as their candidate for governor a Duck Dynasty and beef jerky loving dog-kennel owner, who once said he would like to electrocute the current governor.

Charles V. “Charlie” Brown, a 72-year-old man whose name was first on the ballot, won the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent Republican Bill Haslam Thursday night.

Brown told BuzzFeed he was “a little bit surprised,” and said national Democrats hadn’t reached out to him yet.

“Not yet, but they will.”

…I wouldn’t count on that. Bill Halsam easily lapped the entire Democratic slate’s primary turnout all on his own, and national Democrats have enough problems already.  Even in the gubernatorial category: right now I can’t imagine why the DGA would care more about Tennessee than it would about Hawaii, Florida, or Illinois.  Even if somebody else had won the primary.

As to the title… I think that it’s been established by now that it’s the Democrats who are having the problematic candidates this cycle, yes? Yes.  And they are welcome to enjoy that ‘honor:’ trying to work around bad candidates is a special kind of Partisan Hack Hell. Let the other side have to do that for a while.

Moe Lane

PS: Note that I am not making fun of Charlie Brown, per se.  He’s clearly not a pawn of either the state or the national Democratic party, which means that his primary sin is probably that the man still thinks that the Democratic party of his ancestors is worthy of respect and loyalty. Couple that with the fact that the man actually decided to make the effort to run for something and maybe it’s not appropriate for me to mock him for it, seeing as I’m sitting behind a computer screen and typing right now and that’s my contribution to the Republic.

The Tennessee Democratic party, on the other hand?  – Geez, those people are in disarray.

2 thoughts on “Meet Tennessee’s Canary in the Democratic Coal Mine: Charlie Brown, (D CAND, TN-GOV).”

  1. this guy sounds like a hoot. i might vote for him. on the other hand, we could take his every word as The Voice Of The Democratic Party, like they do with obscure Republican backbenchers in the Idaho statehouse…

  2. Bill Haslam and the TN GOP are definitely progressive republicans. Haslam is pushing Common Core in a very big way. The TN GOP was accused of carrying on a campaign against some people that run for the unpaid position on the State Executive Committee (people from each state senate district to vote on decisions of the state party). They were pretty successful getting their choices trough this election.

    Common Core is a disaster for education. I have kids. I am not excited about the TN GOP as it is today having strong position in the state.

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