Hawaii primaries tonight.

LATE tonight: as in, polls close at midnight Eastern Time and I’ll probably find out whether my prediction* was true or not in the morning. ┬áI wasn’t really planning to stay up late enough to find out, honestly.

Moe Lane

*Honestly, it’s a crapshoot at this point. ┬áNobody knows from the polling how this is going to go down.

3 thoughts on “Hawaii primaries tonight.”

  1. Moe:

    You’re not finding out whether your prediction was true or not in the morning. Apparently, Schatz is ahead by some 1700-odd votes, but two precincts with 8000 votes haven’t finished voting because of damage from Tropical Storm Iselle.

    1. The smart way to bet right now would be that the absentee ballots don’t make up the difference and that Abercrombie doesn’t order a recount.

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