‘Star Trek: Axanar.’

Saw this via Facebook:

It was a Kickstarter that I somehow missed; it looks pretty danged spiffy. Basically, it’s going to be a documentary narrating a key moment in the early history of the United Federation of Planets (pre-TOS); I look forward to watching the final version.

4 thoughts on “‘Star Trek: Axanar.’”

  1. I won’t lie. I’ve not really been into trek since DS9 ended, and this is unlikely to rekindle interest. But I am glad that people still find joy in it.

  2. I’m a Trek grognard — TOS has always been “the” Star Trek.

    This preview gave me multiple geekgasms.

  3. I donated to the kickstarter. Very, very excited for this one. The amount of support for this was exciting to watch. I think part of the attraction was the concept – a historical documentary of the war versus a typical dramatic episode or movie.

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