‘Music Box Dancer.’

Music Box DancerFrank Mills

I have been trying to figure out who did this [expletive deleted] song for over ten years now. I don’t even really know why: it was something from my childhood, and not knowing the answer was a little annoying.  Not enough to make me chuck the world and go live on top of a pillar or something, but still.

4 thoughts on “‘Music Box Dancer.’”

  1. The urban folklore was that this became a radio hit when a copy of the single was accidentally shipped with more traditional top-40 fare to a big city radio station. I’m too lazy to Wiki-search this, however.

  2. You just evoked memories of my much younger self sitting at the piano with a piece of sheet music.
    Nostalgia makes them sweet, innocent, and pleasant.
    Even though I know I fought like hell to avoid piano practice.

  3. I know just watching that video makes my toes ache. I remember my mom playing that on cassette over and over

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