Bad call by the Florida Democratic party with regard to The Shark Tank, here.

On the one hand, I understand why they tossed The Shark Tank out of a campaign event on general principles: Javier Manjarres is a born troublemaker*. On the other hand, the Florida Democratic party then had to deal with flak from local news people, given that Javier is in fact local media. ¬†On the gripping hand? …Well, Florida Democrats did nominate Charlie Crist, so their judgement wasn’t really all that great in the first place.

Seriously, how bad is it for Florida Democrats right now if they don’t dare have an open media policy?

Moe Lane

*I do a little of that myself, hopefully.

3 thoughts on “Bad call by the Florida Democratic party with regard to The Shark Tank, here.”

  1. Bad. So bad, in fact, that we might we might need to invent a new word. So bad the RPOF might just regained a veto-proof legislature. So bad they (like you said) nominated a former Republican Governor. Despite having more registered voters in this state, they have no political capital whatsoever.
    You mention this already in passing about local Democrats, but 2010 destroyed the Florida Democrats and they haven’t recoved. This election will further set them back.

      1. The RPOF has been in control of the legislature since 1996 actually. 2010 is the first time since I have been paying attention that they held a veto-proof majority. The RPOF just might do it again, if not come real close.

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