Boston Globe finds Charlie Baker ahead of Martha Coakley in MA-GOV. …Huh.

Keep a real close eye on the Baker-Coakley Massachusett’s governor’s race, assuming that Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker win their respective nominations in a couple of weeks*. If the general election is going to cook off, the first warning signs would start appearing right about now:


Now, make no mistake: right now that Boston Globe poll is pretty much the Platonic Ideal of ‘outlyer.’ Not only is it the first poll that the Boston Globe’s done that shows Charlie Baker ahead; it’s the first one that anybody’s done that does that. Safe bet is, the race will reset to something more expected.  Heavy skepticism is, as they say, warranted.

Still… interesting poll, no?

Moe Lane

*This is, frankly, a fairly safe set of assumptions.