@AOSHQDD is looking for volunteers. And New Hampshire volunteers RIGHT NOW.

Ace of Spades HQ’s Decision Desk is actively looking for people to help out in collecting vote totals in New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary, as well as people to help out generally for November.  From a statement that they passed along to us:

This has been a fantastic project with bipartisan support and appreciation. We have happily shared our private results with election forecasters, pollsters, reporters and bloggers from Daily Kos Elections to Red State and all places in between. AP has had a nearly uncontested lock on election night reporting, and with the rise of social media and blogs we finally have an opportunity to do them one better, to deliver results faster and make accurate calls sooner. This fledgling operation could eventually give rise to a radical new method of election night coverage, or it could be a total dud. The difference will be the strength of my team and the consistency and accuracy in our coverage. We’ve had a blast covering the primaries this cycle, and we will step our game for the general election in November- if we have the numbers.

What is needed right now:

  • On-the-ground volunteers in New Hampshire now, and in November, for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine as well.

  • Volunteers who can crowd-source returns from the comfort of their home or office.

This is righteous work, folks: as AOSHQDD has noted, the AP has been the best option for Election Night results – and, just between you and me, the AP isn’t that great an option.  This isn’t exactly the AP’s fault, but there’s a hole in coverage that really can be usefully filled by a volunteer organization willing to do a lot of not-glamorous scutwork for the benefit of the political blogosphere*.  If you can give them a hand, particularly in New Hampshire, email them at  AOSHQDD[at]gmail[dot]com.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Note, by the way, that this is not actually a partisan endeavor. Good Election Night coverage is in everybody’s best interests.

2 thoughts on “@AOSHQDD is looking for volunteers. And New Hampshire volunteers RIGHT NOW.”

  1. I have to disagree, Moe. Quicker results puts the Republicans at a disadvantage, because in really close races they’ll know earlier how many fabricated votes they need to create. We’d be a lot better off if no results at all were posted until things were 100% counted.

    1. They being Democrats, that is… Really need edit here. And Grr on the ‘too fast commenting’ block…

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