So. Over/under on when Seth Moulton starts gay-baiting Richard Tisei in #ma06 race?

Look, we all know it’s going to happen. John Tierney could maybe avoid that because he’s been in office for so long and had the incumbency advantage. But Tierney will not be the Democratic nominee for MA-06:

Seth Moulton, a Harvard University graduate and Marine veteran, became the first Massachusetts Democrat in 22 years to oust a sitting congressman from his own party, edging aside embattled nine-term US Representative John F. Tierney.

The veteran North Shore congressman conceded shortly before 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, as Moulton maintained an 11 percentage point lead with 27 percent of the vote counted.

Moulton doesn’t have the incumbency option, he doesn’t have Tierney’s support network… and he also doesn’t have the cash. Politico notes:

The fierce air war that ensued in the final weeks likely gives [Richard] Tisei an edge in the cash race heading into the general election.

Tisei ended Aug. 20 with $754,000 in his coffers, compared to $481,000 for Moulton.

Tisei has already previewed his lien of attack against Moulton, arguing that he’s likely to vote the same way as Tierney in Congress. Tisei also plans to pitch himself as a rare Massachusetts voice in the all-but-certain GOP House majority.

…both of which are true of Moulton, and both of which are good reasons to vote for Richard Tisei in November.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I’m assuming that Seth Moulton will make sideways swipes at Richard Tisei’s sexual orientation.  Hot Air had a story today about New Mexican Democratic rabiblanco candidate for governor Gary King accusing Gov. Susana Martinez of not being a real Latina.  This is who those people are; if they weren’t comfortable with acting like that in order to get elected, they’d be Republicans.

2 thoughts on “So. Over/under on when Seth Moulton starts gay-baiting Richard Tisei in #ma06 race?”

  1. Dibs on two weeks before his campaign starts dropping rumors. Unless of course he gets a large cash infusion from somewhere.

    1. That .. brings up an interesting question.
      With things looking this bad for the Dems, where are they going to be getting cash *from*?
      Are companies still willing to loan to them, knowing they don’t pay back very well? One would expect a shareholder revolt over such a poor investment…

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