The iWatch is here.

Let me show you what the Cult of Jobs folks are salivating over, as of an hour and a half ago.

(Sorry, lost the link.)

So… I’m guess nine hundred bucks, or so? – Not that it matters; I ain’t buying one. Watches tend to explode on my wrist, and I am not speaking figuratively.

5 thoughts on “The iWatch is here.”

  1. I read $350, due for sale in Spring of 2015 (not in time for Christmas).

    I’m not buying one, I don’t even wear a watch anymore.

  2. As a status symbol thing (which I guess is kinda Apple’s core competency anyways) this might work. But as a practical device, it seems like a loser.


    Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I never liked wearing a wrist watch (either too tight or too loose, and sweating under the band is no fun). One of the boons of cell phones is it replaced any need for carrying a watch, because it pretty much is one.


    The other thing is, I find it hard to imagine that preposterously small screen is really good for much of anything. I mean, even a phone screen is too small (IMO, anyway) for much of anything, and now they’ve got something that’s what, 20% the size of an iPhone screen?


    I’ve never been in Apple’s target group (well, since the days of Apple II, anyway), so maybe what I think doesn’t matter. But this seems like mostly a bad idea to me.

  3. In general I think the new watch technology is kind of idiotic, but my brother disagrees with me. He is an Android user and has one of the Android watches that pairs with his phone. He is a service tech and spends all of his time in crazy and awkward placed (ladders, ceilings, etc.). The thing he likes is that he can quickly glance at it (hands free) and determine if he wants to take the call, ignore it, etc. and doesn’t have to stop what he is doing to dig in his pocket for the phone. Can also voice dictate quick txt messages. It’s handy (pun intended) for him. Personally it would drive me nuts. So I guess there is a market, whether the market is big enough is another question…

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