Quote of the Day, DOOM in Ohio-GOV edition.

This call is justified, I think. The New York Times:

Just five weeks before Election Day, Ohio Democrats have descended into recriminations…


Yeah, there’s no need to write anything further. What a pity there’s no Senate races in Ohio this year, huh?

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, DOOM in Ohio-GOV edition.”

  1. Sounds like Florida Democrats in a couple of weeks.
    Honestly Moe, the Florida Democrat Party has been a shell of its former self since 2010. They nominated not just a former governor, but a former governor from the other party. A real Democrat who had the party united behind them, might have actually won.

    1. So, what happened to break the Florida Dems so badly that their consensus candidate was .. Orange Charlie?
      More importantly, how can we repeat it elsewhere?

      1. As far as I can tell, they’ve been stunt casting their Governor candidates for a while now. Janet Reno anyone? As for why, maybe being out of power for so long has hurt their ability to generate state wide candidates…

  2. a Senate election in Ohio this year would be dull. neither side would come up with anyone interesting. plus, Sherrod would be elected because he *cares*, and Rob… well, if someone in his family came out as pagan or pro-abortion or something, he’d have to adapt his belief system to suit. sad, really.

    1. Josh Mandel is kinda interesting. Jim Jordan would be an exciting candidate as well, but the OH GOP doesn’t like exciting.

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