There’s a reason for gerrymandering (Spoiler: it’s called the Voting Rights Act of 1965).

Oh, God, this is rich:

[Ruy] Teixeira stresses that the main structural obstacles facing the Democrats— the legacy of GOP statehouse gerrymandering and the tendency of Democratic voters to be overrepresented in dense urban districts—mean that it’s all but impossible for the party to gain ground in this year’s midterms.

…as if the two conditions were not two sides of the same coin. That ‘gerrymandering’ exists because of those dense urban districts; those ‘dense urban districts’ are heavily minority, and the legislators that represent them are Democrats who are happy to work with Republican legislators to make sure that, frankly, white Democratic legislators take it on the chin.  The problem is, of course, that nobody official can actually come out and say Look, the GOP actually wants as many minority Democratic legislators as possible, given that white Democrats refuse to vote for minority ones and minority Democrats only vote for white ones when they don’t have a choice*.  That would imply that there’s been a Devil’s bargain, signed by multiple fiends… and God forbid that any of us should suggest that.

OK, rant over.

Moe Lane

*Note, by the way, that conservative white Republicans will quite happily vote for conservatives who happen to be minorities. Which most of the people who’ll read this at first already know; but eventually somebody who gets his or her news from more mainstream media sources might read this, and that revelation may unfortunately come as a bit of a surprise.